Welcome to my website!

Computer science and management engineer graduated at Polytech Montpellier with a double degree in computer engineering in one of the best federal universities (UFRGS) in Brazil. I also graduated in computer systems and information management (equivalent to DUT in France) with experience in web systems development. Knowledge in systems analysis, software development, and good investigative skills.


Machine learning for audio on web

Tool that allows any user, using a browser, to separate the musical instruments from a piece of music, i.e. the user can extract only the sound of the guitar or vocals of a song, without the need of any kind of server for processing.

Gesture recognition - SLIM

In this project me and my team extend previous research by endeavouring to apply the concept of mirror neurons to gesture recognition using images of real hands. We were able to develop a convolutional neural network model based on transfer learning that recognizes simple hand poses from a set of predefined gestures with a satisfying accuracy.


A Scala-based git-like code source manager.

Functional compiler

Work developed in the Compiler discipline had as main objective the development of a functional compiler with a lexical analyzer (lex), a syntactic analyzer (yacc) to generate abstract code in an assembly format.

File system in C

The objective of this work was to apply the concepts of operating systems in the implementation of a File System that employs indexed allocation for the creation of files and directories.